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Eastern Medicine

With Traditional Chinese Medicine, the source of our medicine is to get to the root of an issue and dig deeper into the whole system. We take unique approaches to evaluate your tongue, pulse, abdomen and spirit to distinguish what your conventional doctor may be missing in Western medicine. Chinese medicine is known to treat chronic issues. By applying the principles of this 5,000 year old medical system your body can heal naturally.

There are both non-invasive techniques with cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and herbal formula; in addition to, invasive techniques with acupuncture.

Our gentle approach will achieve results leaving you pain-free, thriving and supporting your vitality.


In China, Acupuncture is common as going weekly, sometimes even daily  to build immunity, prevent illness and create vitality! Although an ancient practice of medicine, it still withstands the times today.

Our office values the merging of ancient practices with innovative modern medicine. By addressing any of the 400 acupuncture points, we can activate your body’s potential to heal naturally, release appropriate hormones for signaling and adjust the self-regulating system.

Effects of Acupuncture include but are not limited to pain relief, increased circulation, boost in immune system, regulating digestion, sleep improvement and reduction of stress.

Cosmetic Acupuncture & Facial Rejuvenation

This non-surgical and painless alternative is used to help reduce wrinkles, decrease fine lines, improve collagen production, stimulate cell regeneration, tighten skin, and promote facial blood circulation for glowing complexion. One of the most sought out treatments for skin health and aging gracefully.

Our office offers the most comprehensive, gentle and effective treatments for anti-aging. We use non-toxic and organic facial products to support your skin’s vitality.

Cupping Therapy

The ultimate relief and instant relaxation of muscles, cupping is one of the best techniques out there to decrease pain from your neck, shoulders, back and hips to name a few. If you have sore muscles, a knot in your neck,  low back pain, spasmed and tight muscles or even sinus congestion, don’t hesitate to book a session to get this therapeutic session.

Cupping therapy is used to stimulate the circulation of blood and Qi (vital energy) within the superficial muscle layers. The Acupuncturist will place cups over specific areas on your body. A vacuum is created under the cup. The result is relaxing, detoxifying, rejuvenating and relieving.

Gua Sha Therapy

Our most popular service and greatest technique for relieving neck pain, low back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain.

Gua Sha is used to stimulate the circulation of blood while detoxifying your muscles to release pain. This technique is the gentle rubbing of a smooth edge against the skin to break up impurities and blockages from scar tissue or injury.

It allows tissues to be oxygenated with proper blood circulation while restoring function.  It is used to release muscle tension, alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, relieve tightness, remove knots, and detox the muscle. It can also be used to alleviate congestion, fine lines in facial skin and relieve headaches.

Tui Na Manual Therapy

Chinese medical massage is an essential component for sports injuries, chronic pain and acute pain. Tui Na is translated as “push grasp” in Chinese. This technique deeply relaxes the muscle tissue while allowing the body to naturally realign. It is often used to relieve muscle tension, muscle pain, inflammation, remove knots, and bring proper flow to your tissues. This therapy is often incorporated with acupuncture, cupping or gua sha.


Want to regulate your cycle, improve your digestion, relieve muscle tension, support your immunity or decrease pain? This is your therapy. We often compliment “moxa” into treatments for various therapeutic benefits. Truly a wonder herb with properties that can address conditions from anemia to low back pain.

Moxibustion is a technique that uses an herb called Mugwort. This herb is primarily used to stimulate and awaken meridians for better circulation and blood flow.

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Have you ever gone to the doctor to get “normal” labs yet you still feel off or have symptoms?

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach that is a “whole person” approach rather than a disease-focused model. This is a revolutionary way to understand the underlying root cause of diseases and identify key metabolic factors for prevention. A functional medicine provider will take a deep dive to get the whole story instead of an isolated set of symptoms. 

The goal is to restore all the body’s systems to optimal health by using a natural and non-invasive approach that is aligned in the paradigm of epigenetics. This model allows us to expand beyond the limitations of conventional medicine and tap into the body’s potential.

Our office offers Functional Medicine consultations with a comprehensive history, specialized testing and labs. Some of the conditions we can dig deeper are:  nutritional deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, IBS/IBD, digestive disorders, adrenal function, fertility, hashimotos, diabetes, detoxification, and food intolerances.

Our functional testing is focused on getting to the underlying root cause of your metabolic imbalances that most conventional doctors neglect or miss.

Innovative Testing

This is where the ancient techniques merge with modern times. We offer the latest and best functional testings for conditions such as multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, diabetes, migraines, metabolic disorders, restless leg syndrome, weight loss, concussions and many more.

Our functional testing is focused on getting to the underlying root cause of your metabolic imbalances that most conventional doctors neglect or miss.

A functionally-trained medical provider can create customized food and lifestyle options specific to you. We offer packages to create total wellness through testing and customized holistic treatment plans.

Herbal Medicine

This rich tradition in many ancient cultures is still relevant today. Our body craves for natural ways of healing; in addition, using properties that are gentle yet powerful to achieve that goal. 

Each herb in a formula has known properties to regulate and balance your body. Some herbs target tissues and ligaments, others target organs and glands. Many pharmaceutical companies extract these properties but neglect the synergistic pairing of some herbs required for their therapeutic effect. In Chinese Herbal Medicine, it is called the 对药 Duì Yào, translates to “perfect pair”.

Herbal Medicine is a safe and natural way to address your health concerns virtually side-effect free. Our Board-Certified and Licensed Herbalists can create a custom tailored formula to meet your needs; in addition, discuss herbal medicine options related to Chinese, Ayurvedic or Western medicine.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

We offer Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for therapeutic effects to treat both physical and emotional concerns. The purity, efficacy and consistency of our potent oils may be used for a wide range of applications such as migraines, neck pain, back pain, anxiety or sleep issues to name a few.

Sound Healing

Feeling stressed and unbalanced? Apprehensive to get acupuncture? This is a perfect way to decompress while creating balance internally. This non-invasive and deeply relaxing therapy is offered both in classes and private sessions in our office.

The resonance of sound currents are used to tune our natural biorhythm internally. The sonic therapeutic frequencies are delivered either through tuning forks, quartz crystal sound bowls, tibetan bowls, or gong.

This is an ancient practice that adjusts our biorhythms for optimal health. A perfect therapeutic tool for somatic healing for a body-centered therapy to connect mind, body and emotions. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, chronic physical pain, emotional pain, sleep disturbances to name a few- this therapy is essential for mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic wellness.

Spirituality and Sacred Practices

The power of soulful practices and ritual can be a beautiful catalyst for you. Creating an intention to begin that healing journey may be the root of where you begin to heal and start that healing journey. A regular rhythm that calls your soul to return to its true self.

As a self-healer, you understand that you may have all the tools inside to begin to transform and transcend to a better form of living. Here, we create courses, both in-person and online to connect to that deeper side of knowing.

We invite you to take this journey in healing, as it might be the missing piece you have been looking for. Let’s get curious and dive deep!

Bodywork + Energy Medicine

These alternative therapies can be either grounding, elevating or deeply therapeutic. At South Coast True Health, we do not just address the physical form. There is a greater understanding that the form is connected through other subtle forms of energy and magnetic fields. These sessions are focused to promote awareness and connection to those subtle forms. We offer unique and non-conventional therapies in Pranayama (breathwork), Access Bars, Reiki, and Qi Gong to name a few. In addition to traditional therapies in bodywork, such as massage, tui na, sports massage and chiropractic care.