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Everything to help you if you are new to our practice.

Visiting Our Practice

Complimentary Consultation

Are we the right fit for your needs? How can South Coast True Health meet your health goals? We offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your concerns.

Online Intake

After we discussed your concerns and booked your first appointment, you will receive an email with a link to fill out your health history and consent forms. Please complete these forms before your first appointment.

If you have any relevant blood tests, scans/imaging or other lab work, please bring them to your first appointment as well.

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Your First Eastern Medicine & Acupuncture Visit

The first treatment is about 75-90 minutes. During your first visit, we take a thorough deep dive inquiry into your health concerns, understand your health goals and complete a physical examination. In our physical exam, we will evaluate your tongue, pulse, abdomen and shen (unique to Chinese Medicine diagnosis).  Based on your symptoms, additional physical exams may be performed.

After we complete our deep dive, you will rest on a massage table with inserted needles for your treatment. Depending on our deep dive, your treatment session will last between 15-30 minutes. Some conditions may call for other Eastern Medicine muscle releasing techniques such as moxibustion (heat therapy), cupping, gua sha or tui na.

Interested to Learn More about Acupuncture?

Your practitioner will discuss these options with you during the first visit if these therapies are applicable.


Acupuncture is extremely safe when administered by one of our qualified and licensed professionals. Thin, sterile needles are used and placed in specific acupoints your Acupuncturist determines for you. Each needle is disposed of after each use.

After insertion, patients often report sensations of warmth, heaviness, vague dull pressure, pulsing or tingling. These are all normal sensations that the therapy is taking effect. Others may feel a sense of deep relaxation or increased energy after a treatment.

These therapeutic shifts may be felt immediately during a treatment or hours/days after the treatment. Each body will have varied effects.

Tips for your Acupuncture Treatments and After Acupuncture Treatments:

BEFORE Acupuncture:

AFTER Acupuncture:

Patient Education

Here we have our clinic handouts and recommendations.