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Multiple Sclerosis

Have you been newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? Have you been living with MS and looking to finally have an alternative way to reverse it? Better yet, are you looking for support in reversing it by someone who already has?

My name is Delaram Raisdana and I am the founder of South Coast True Health. I began this journey becoming an acupuncturist to reverse my own diagnosis of MS. I was diagnosed April 10, 2008 and have learned how to be symptom free while reversing my progression of MS through functional medicine, nutrition and holistic modalities.

After a couple relapses and my disease process of Multiple Sclerosis progressing fast, I took health into my own hands. I utilized functional medicine testing along with non-conventional protocols that your neurologist will not tell you.

Simply put, your neurologist is focused on the academics and case studies that pertain to what they “think” will work. I am here to let you know that there is a completely different alternative healing choice that you will not hear from your neurologist, primary doctor, or ophthalmologist who is managing your care.

As a patient and provider, I can give you that understanding of how to get the right answers to begin healing today.

If you are looking to start that change, I can set up time with you in 15 minute consultation.