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Somatic Healing: How Sound Healing, Breathwork, and Meditation Come Together to Heal the Body

Did you know that we hold trauma, stress, and grief within our bodies? Whether you realize it or not, most people are holding onto trauma - this can present itself as a sore neck, tight back, or constant pit in the stomach.

How Gua Sha Can Help with Chronic Pain, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, and Anti-Aging

Every few years, gua sha resurfaces as a new skincare fad on whatever social media platform is trending. It’s often seen as a revolutionary, yet extremely simple, way to carve out cheekbones and sculpt the neck.

Sound Healing

Think about your favorite song. How does listening to it make you feel? Now think about the sound of a gentle stream in the forest or gentle crashing waves on your favorite sandy beach. How do these sounds make you feel?

Why Spinal Health is Important for your Vital Qi

Did you know your notochord is the first to develop when you are an embryo? It is absolutely true! The notochord is the primal axis of the embryo and the precursor to your spine.

Regulating Your Sleep, Energy and Pain With Your Circadian Clock

Do you ever wonder why each night you wake up exactly at 3:00 am? Or do you need to go to the bathroom right at 5:00 am? Well, you are about to find out! There is more to it than disrupted sleep.

Sports Medicine and Acupuncture Therapy

Whether you're a weekend warrior, professional athlete or beginning a workout routine-injuries and aches are inevitable when pushing yourself. Do not let your injury prevent you from going beyond your limits. These injuries and trauma if unaddressed can lead to long-standing problems in the future.