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Autoimmune Disorders

You are being guided to us to help you!

It is time to reclaim your health, your quality of life and get the answers you need for your autoimmune condition! We are here to help clear that path for you to get the results that your doctor is neglecting. Autoimmunity is complex and your doctor may be progressing your disease process without you even getting a chance to stop it from getting worse.

Conventional medicine misunderstands autoimmunity greatly! Your Functional Medicine provider can support you in teaching you what they don’t know. They neglect the WHOLE-istic part of getting to know the WHOLE YOU! They miss the patient-centered approach while becoming hyper-focused on what they think they have to treat, symptoms only.

Welcome to Your New Approach

As someone who has multiple sclerosis and autoimmune conditions myself, I have been in your exact same shoes. I too fell through the cracks of conventional medicine and got shuffled from one doctor to the next. I too was prescribed one treatment to another, each time feeling worse than before. I, too, experimented with different therapies to “get rid of” my condition in any way, ANY WAY! I felt the unknown of what my autoimmune was truly doing in my body. I felt more confused and dismissed at each doctor visit. I did not know if I was doing it  “right” to heal my body. I began losing faith if it’s even worth it. I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to reclaim my body’s health from becoming paralyzed and losing function.

All in all, I have struggled myself and know first hand what you are experiencing. I also know EXACTLY what you can do to start healing from your autoimmunity and where to get the answers for you. 

Without complicating you with fancy and difficult concepts of autoimmune disease, I will simplify what you need to know. Autoimmunity is an immune response to healthy cells, tissues and organs. There are 4 Stages in Autoimmunity, at South Coast True Health, we discover what phase you are in and begin to reverse the disease process.

Delaram Raisdana, L.Ac.

autoimmune disorders regain health wellness

Our goal is to:

  • Reverse your disease process
  • Stop the progression
  • Decrease and eliminate your symptoms naturally
  • Improve the quality of your life
  • Regain your health
At South Coast True Health, we have innovative and specialized labs that your conventional doctor is not offering you. Creating a functional medicine consultation will allow our providers to get a whole picture and dive deep with you on why this is happening.

Let’s dive and look at the 5 Components that determine the severity of your autoimmune.

Investigating your intestinal permeability (gut health), diet, toxins, infection and stress; we can begin to create a customized and personal treatment plan. This approach is different from conventional practices of addressing autoimmune conditions.

One symptom is like one domino piece ready to topple into other systems to rob your health.

Let us catch that piece before it’s too late!