What are the benefits of sound healing?

Think about your favorite song. How does listening to it make you feel?

Now think about the sound of a gentle stream in the forest or gentle crashing waves on your favorite sandy beach. How do these sounds make you feel?

Happy? Relaxed? Contemplative? Energized?

Did your posture change when you thought about these sounds? Did you drop the tension in your shoulders? Did you smile or relax your facial muscles?

What you just experienced in those brief moments is the idea behind sound healing.

Music and natural sounds have been important to humans throughout history for a reason! Sounds can have an enormous impact on our mental health and wellbeing. They can help us work through difficult emotions such as grief, anxiety, or depression and they can even help us cope with physical pain.

At South Coast True Health, we are passionate about helping people in the Orange County area find relief and improve their health using sound healing therapies such as gong healing.

So now that you’re feeling good, let’s talk all about sound healing. We discuss what sound healing is, different types of sound healing therapies, what are the benefits of sound healing, where can you book a sound healing session, and more below!

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is an ancient therapy that has been used by healers for centuries. It may sound a bit “new age,” but sound healing can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. Throughout human history, music and sounds have been used to help lift people’s moods, boost productivity, evoke emotions, heal illnesses, relieve pain, and more.

Sound healing practitioners are trained to use specific sound vibrations and frequencies to relax and heal your mind, body, and spirit. There are many types of sound healing therapies, including therapies using sacred instruments called singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, bells, rain sticks, and others. Some sound healing therapies also use vocal tones.

Sound healing is based around an idea called resonance. Resonance is the vibration frequency or energy of an object. Everything in the universe has a natural resonance, including the cells in our bodies. There are many things that can impact our natural frequencies and cause our energies to be out of alignment, but sound healing frequencies can help us naturally realign these energies.

What are the therapeutic benefits of sound healing?

Sound healing uses therapeutic resonances to promote healing energetic changes in our brains and bodies. These therapeutic resonances can help clear energetic blockages from our bodies and realign our body’s natural frequencies to help us destress and process our emotions.

This can have a strong positive impact on our brain and bodies that result in a wide range of therapeutic benefits and can even help treat disease.

How does sound healing affect your brain?
Your brainwaves are electrical energies that get passed through your entire body. They tell every cell in our bodies how to act and feel. Sound healing works by slowing down these brainwave energies and tuning them to certain healing frequencies. This can help relax the body and change our cells from a stressed or diseased state over to a healthy, relaxed state. It can also help stimulate the nervous system to release good brain chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin. The mental benefits of sound healing include reduced stress levels, stabilized and improved mood, mental clarity and balance, higher mental functioning, increased creativity, feeling refreshed and invigorated, and more.
What are the physical effects of sound healing on the body?

The body is 75% water, which is a good energy conductor. This means that sound wave energy flows through the body well. This can stimulate red blood cells and help with blood circulation and energy flow through the body, which promotes relaxation and healing.

Some of the physical benefits of sound healing sessions include reduced physical symptoms of stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better sleep, a strong immune system, and more.

What can sound healing treat?

Through these positive physical effects on the brain and the body, sound healing can help us naturally heal ailments in the body and improve our overall health and wellbeing. Sound healing may be effective at helping to treat a number of health conditions including anxiety, depression, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, learning difficulties, and dementia. It may also be effective at healing physical trauma, post-operative healing, chronic illnesses, and pain in the body. The state of deep relaxation achieved with sound healing can be helpful with processing deep emotional pain and releasing negative energies that come with emotions like fear, grief, loneliness, and more.
What are gong baths?
Gongs are ancient instruments that have been used in sound healing practices for centuries. Gong baths are a type of sound healing session that has strong energetic effects on the mind, body, and soul. During a gong bath session, a practitioner will have you lie down in a comfortable position and then guide you on a guided meditation while they create specific tones and patterns with the gongs. The vibrations made during a gong bath have powerful positive influences on the mind-body connection. Since gongs are so large and make a robust sound, they are one of the most powerful instruments for sound healing therapy.
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